San Antonio Valley Stables - Photo Gallery 2
We offer a number of riding facilities

Small Covered Arena
Small covered arena
The arena is at the same time the access to the indoor stalls.
Arena size is ~30ft x 120ft

Round pen
Round Pen

Our round pen measures 50ft in diameter and
offers ample opportunity to exercise your horse

Blanketing Service
Large lighted covered arena
At our facility you can ride no matter if it rains or storms.
Even in the evening. Just switch the light on.

Ample outdoor arena
Ample outdoor arena
The outdoor arena is so generously sized
that riders can use 3 different circles

Ranch Trails
We offer you 12 acres of trails that belong to our ranch.
You just have to cross the street and off you go.

View towards trail area
You can see that the trails lead over gently sloping hills.
The changing scenery is an added bonus.

A view from the hill pasture
There are extra corrals for the herd of Icelandic ponies
to keep them from overeating in the month of April - May


Red enjoys his large corral that allows him to trot and gallop when he feels like it.

Happy pasture boarding
Free roaming in a natural environment is a healthy alternative to stalls.