Our first photo gallery shows you the entrance to our ranch and our boarding facilities. The riding facilities are shown in photo gallery 2

Entrance Gate
Secured with a number code that we hand to our boarders. The gate opens automatically.


  Towards the indoor stalls
Large stalls with rubber mats and automatic water. Our indoor stalls are 12ft x 12ft with direct access to outdoor paddock


Outdoor paddock
View from indoor stall
24ft x 12ft outdoor paddock

Shelters in corrals
Our shelters are either 12ft x 12ft or 12ft x 24ft. Our corrals are ~ 30ft x 40ft


Inside of a shelter
You can see how much space horse and owner have
We provide bedding made out of wood pellets


Our generously sized outdoor corrals
The corrals have an average size of 40ft x 30ft
Your horse will enjoy the space to move around

  Pasture boarding
One of our pastures has a little herd of Icelandic ponies
In springtime they move into corrals to prevent foundering


Our ample pastures
Our pastures gently encourage the horses to engage their hindlegs
Good for building muscle and stepping under


Trees offer shade on pasture
The diverse topography of the pasture makes sure that the horses are not bored